Clean Machine
Non-Stick Mower Protectant

    Creates a Hard Protective Shield Against
      Grass, Dirt, & Rust.

    Makes Deck Clean-Up Easy!

    Teflon® surface protector bonds for ultimate

    Reduces Clumping – Great for Mulching Mowers

    For Plastic & Metal – Great for Grass Chutes and
      Collection Systems

    Also Great for Snow Throwers, String Trimmers
      & More!

    Application Instruction - Click Here  



   Teflon® and the Teflon® brand logo are registered trademarks of
   E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company used under license by Meteor

1.   SHAKE WELL.  

2.   On cool mower, disconnect spark plug.  

3.   Follow mower mfgr’s instructions for cleaning the underside of the deck.

-   The GrassHawk™ works great for removing all the debris from the deck.
-   Also, use a wire brush and water to assure good adhesion.  

4.   Apply an even coat onto the clean underside of the mower deck.

-   Wait 15-30 minutes before use – may still appear wet.  This is normal.  It is now ready for use, and/or a second coat, if desired.

5.   For best results, apply a second coat of Clean Machine.

6.   Apply periodically throughout the season for maximum performance.

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