Spark Doctor
Spark Plug Tune-Up Tool

    Keeps Your Engine Starting Easy and
      Running Strong!

    8 Tools in One

    For All Size Spark Plugs (5/8" Socket, 3/4" 
      Socket, 13/16" Socket)

    Cleans Spark Plugs Like New (Includes Brass
      Brush, Metal File & Metal Pick)

    Perfect Calibration (Includes Gapping Tool &
      Gap Gauge)

    For All Engines & Equipment: Mowers,
      Trimmers,  Chainsaws, ATV’s, Snow Throwers,

    Every Toolbox Needs a Spark Doctor!


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Spark Plug Tune-Up Tool
Spark Doctor

Outdoor Power Upgrades
The easy addition of our innovative enhancements will make your
mower, or tractor, the very best.
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