Clean Machine
Non-Stick Mower Protectant

    Creates a Hard Protective Shield Against
      Grass, Dirt, & Rust.

    Makes Deck Clean-Up Easy!

    Teflon™ surface protector bonds for ultimate

    Reduces Clumping – Great for Mulching Mowers

    For Plastic & Metal – Great for Grass Chutes and
      Collection Systems

    Also Great for Snow Throwers, String Trimmers
      & More!

    Application Instruction - Click Here  


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Clean Machine Reviews*

"I found it to be a good product for making it easy to clean my mower. The debris from cuttings just fall off with ease."

"I mow 1.5 acres with tons of crawdad mounds, this stuff keeps all that mud off my mower deck, this is the best product I have used to date, will not think twice about getting more for next year."

"Used this on a new lithium ion battery lawn mower. The mower has a plastic deck and i noticed that it collected a bit of grass during the first mowing, without the spray. To improve mower efficiency, and to enhance the mulching action, I used this before the second mowing (actually sprayed a day in advance). My deck was clean after the second mowing and this product, coupled with a touch up sharpening of the stock mower blade, resulted in much better mulching performance as well. Nice product and good tweak to get the most out of my battery powered lawn mower...which for my small yard, I really like."

"I put two coats on our mower and after use was able to get it clean using only water from the hose, no brushing and no detergent :-)"


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