Tight-Turn Steering Knob

    One-Handed Comfort and Control

    Leg-Saver Clamp™ - Has No Protruding Bolts.

    Universal Fit – For All Lawn Tractors

    Quick & Easy Installation

    Also Great For Boats, Golf Carts,
      and More!

    Available in Green, Red, and Gray

    Makes Backing Up A Breeze



1. Loosen bolt on clamp with wrench provided. Open clamp fully and wrap around steering wheel with the clamp bolt on the inside of the wheel.  For thick wheels, no spacer is needed. Step 1 image

Step 1 image

- For medium thickness wheels, insert spacer “A
- For thinner wheels, insert spacer “B

2. Place knob in desired location and close the clamp around the steering wheel and tighten bolt clockwise.  Tighten bolt until Easy Rider is securely on the wheel. Step 1 image


Outdoor Power Upgrades
The easy addition of our innovative enhancements will make your
mower, or tractor, the very best.
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