Tight-Turn Steering Knob

    One-Handed Comfort and Control

    Leg-Saver Clamp™ - Has No Protruding Bolts.

    Universal Fit – For All Lawn Tractors

    Quick & Easy Installation

    Also Great For Boats, Golf Carts,
      and More!

    Available in Green, Red, and Gray

    Makes Backing Up A Breeze






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Easy Rider Reviews*

"Works good! I had rotator cuff surgery and needed to mow the lawn on my JD. Hard to do one handed so I purchased this "neckers knob" and now can cut grass one handed."

"Installed this on my New Holland Workmaster 65 tractor and it makes steering in the field while cutting, plowing and baling hay tons easier!"

"This steering knob works excellently to help me steer using only one arm."

"Makes for quick turns. Just mounted it on a 24 hp sub compact tractor. Quality is good it spins smooth and easy and it mounts tight with no movement on the wheel. It comes with 2 adaptors so it should work on any tractor. It makes front end loader work easier and working backwards over your shoulder with the 3 point hitch a breeze..."

"Got this on 3 golf carts. Perfect. No cart should be without one. Glue your clubs ball marker on top to really make this standout."

"Love how it simplifies steering. The knob itself feels solid (not flimsy at all). I love using it as it really does perform well, especially when making tight turns."

"I just rebuilt steering on my 13 year old mower that had a half turn play. With everything lubed and this knob, It is like power steering."

"Good value. easy to attach to steering wheel. Has adapters for different thickness of wheel. makes turning much easier while trimming around irregular objects. Durable, Long-Lasting."

"This brings back good memories of being a teenager driving down the streets of a small town looking for cute girls. This item is well built, easy to install and really works."

"Less shoulder pain with ease of turning. Helps to hold onto when cutting around low limbs. Easy to Use"

"Have lawn tractor with fender mount hydrostatic trans... This gadget gives me leverage and control to easily maneuver with one hand."

"It is nice to finally get a product that performs better than you expect. This steering knob is smooth as silk and is effortless in turning both my tractor and riding lawn mower. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering purchasing it. Mounting on the steering wheels of both vehicles was accomplished in just a matter of a few minutes."

"The Easy Rider Knob (aka. "Suicide Knob", "
Brody Knob", "Necker Knob" is well constructed, rugged and has a good ergonomic feel."

"These steering knobs are great.
Makes turning, and even straight mowing, a breeze. Bought my cousin and uncle one, for easter.  They were skeptical at first, tho now using them too! Great buy, great price!"

"Everyone who has a riding mower, or lawn tractor, should have one of these!!
Makes steering and turns, a breeze. I LOVE it! Easy to install..do yourself a favor, and purchase one, or two!"

"Excellent item;
don't know how I lived without it."

"Makes it so much easier
to steer."

"Installed right away
& works great!! Ordering a 2nd one..... Very pleased!!!!"

"Looks good.
Will attach to tractor in the spring."

"Very handy
and helpful on lawnmower."

love it."

"It was a surprise for my husband
but he was tickled to see it."

"I am on my machines 6 to 8 hours a day.
These Knobs make my job much easierPlease enter your comments about this product here..."

"Works great on our tractor.
Good product."

"This makes driving a golf cart a real joy.

"Had to order two more!
Loved them on the mowers and my mule!"

"This steering knob make steering
my Rhino and tractor a dream. Maybe some day I'll get one for my mower."

"Excellant product
makes mowing and monuvering a breeze. Plan on getting another for my vehicle steering. An A+ product."

"Great addition
to my mower. Makes cutting the lawn that much easier."
"Nice to have a free hand
when mowing."

"The steering knob, delivers smooth movement with my hand,
and delivers a fluid motion, to the wheels. Its still not as good as having power steering, but its the next best thing. I been able to operate this for 30 minutes, without a single hand or arm pain. And I find, it makes backing up much easier as well.  I feel that this is a quality steering knob, that is going to last a long time. It cuts down on my hand and arm strain, and allows me to work more productively. It makes turning and backing up easier. If you are disabled in some way, I highly recommend you pickup one of these!"

"This is a very good product.
Very strong. Has a great mounting system. Well worth the money..."


"I just received the Good Vibrations Steering Knob yesterday -
easy to put on the steering wheel of the riding mower (about 10 minutes) and works like a charm. No slipping of the product on the wheel. Great product, great value."

"Bought this for my john deere tractor with power steering
this wheel makes sharp turns and going around trees a breeze. And when backing up a trailer etc it is very useful as well i would recommend this to anyone."

"Exactly what I wanted,
couldn't have asked for a better spinner for my mower. The price makes it even better."

"Clamps to my JD mowers wheel securely
and really helps me take advantage of the 4 wheel steering."

"Well made,
easy to install. Has a great feel to it. Very sturdy. Just what I was looking for. Perfect for me."

"Product works terrific and exactly as anticipated.
Installation is easy, and the included allen wrench works fine."

"I don't know how I ever mowed without it
and can't imagine ever going back. Best money I ever spent in this price range. I have recommended it to several friends who also like it. "

"Wonderful product."

"I got this knob because i drive a stick shift..
the knob works great. it smoothly rotates and i've had no issues."

"I have a very tight turning riding mower and this knob makes the job
of mowing the lawn much easier and it goes much faster. Would definitely recommend. With all of the use it has gotten it is holding up very well."

"works great.
sits outside in the weather and still works like new! helps with turning alot. definitely a must have for a lawn mower."

"Fits just right on lawn tractor steering wheel. Makes turning tight corners easier. Husband enjoys using this on the tractor, saves a lot of extra arm movement."

"Easy installation on a large foam wrapped wheel on a husqvarna.
Really helps turning on this particular mower due to speed control is a lever on the right fender which results a lot of one handed steering. Plus the steering on this mower is very heavy especially when making tight turns around obstacles (I have 26 trees on a 1 acre lot)."

"This is a very good Product. It works very well."

"This steering Knob makes it much easier to control the lawn tractor.
Reminds me of using the same type product on my car when there was not yet power steering. Thank you."

"Really takes the blisters out of handling a lawn tractor.
Bought one for my brother in law too."

Once installed it helps to free up one hand while steering. It's great for quick turns in small radius areas. It's personal preference but I mounted mine at the 2 o'clock position. Worth the money."

"This spinner has a great design,works flawlessly,
& excellant quality. It works well on my riding lawnmower."

I have had many types of these steering knob but by far this one is the best."




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