Hitchin Post
3-Way Hitchplate

    Turns Your Lawn Tractor or ATV Into
      a Workhorse!

    Elevated Ball Hitch Mount – Great For
      Pulling Trailers, Boats, and More.

    Extra-Strength Pin Hitch Mount – Ready to
      Go At All Times

    Dual Tow Hooks – Great For Chains, Ropes,
      and Winches.

    Pin Storage Channel for Ease and Convenience

    Anti-Rotation Plate™ Keeps the Hitch Secure

    Made of Heavy Duty Cast Steel with Powder
      Coated Finish 

      Do not exceed off-road vehicle's rated
      towing capacity

        When using a ball hitch, we recommend a 3/4" shank                       diameter, and 1-3/4" shank length (or under)


Hitchin’ Post Reviews*

"This "Hitchin' Post" is a great idea and is very useful. I already recommended it to my friends. Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight. On my previous mower I fabricated a steel plate for the hitch to accommodate both a trailer ball and a smaller utility trailer."

"This thing fit great on my Snapper riding mower and hookups (are) a breeze. Easy to install."

"Exactly what I was looking for. Got a bolt that fits perfectly on 1/2" hole on back of my snapper. Just bolt on and your done. Seems it would fit great on ATV also. Highly recommend. Durable, Sturdy."

"Good and accurate finishing so it mated up to the tractor and ball hitch nicely. Paint coating appears durable for long life."

"Versatile and never have to remove.  I really wish I found this a lot earlier!!"

"This IDEA I should have had10 years ago."

"Great product...saves time swapping out."

"Easy to install and appears to be quite durable. Convenience is definitely there and provides a real useful product."

"Very rugged. Used one on trailer rail to secure log splitter when transporting."

"What a great idea! No more trying to jerry-rig a hook-up.  Time saving and convient."

"As advertised - good value and great time saver."

"Very well-made device. It provided great incresed flexibility for use with my garden tractor.  Easy to install and use. It worked well with the heavy duty tow rope."

"I have this thing installed on a restored Craftsman tractor with a standard single hole hitch. Right now I am using it to haul a trailer and a lawn roller. The towing hooks are very useful in that I can wrap a chain around them and pull a very heavy tree, or I can pull a vehicle out of a ditch. I have super lug tires installed on my tractor so they really bite well, that combined with this and a strong transmission, makes all the difference in the world. Installation of this attachment was pretty simple, all you need is a 3/4 inch wrench. I really like this attachment, as it allows me to expand my tractors towing options, which in the end, makes it more versatile to handle different jobs."

"This is one of those products you will wish that you had thought of. It lets you hook anything to a lawn tractor. Installation is simple. Pull the pin the yard trailer attaches to. Place the anti-turn fitting and hitch on top of the pin hole. Insert the mounting bolt through the pin hole from the bottom and screw it into the 3-way hitch. If you are going to move a trailer with a ball hitch, install the proper size ball with a 3/4" shank in the top mount above the manufacturer's logo. That's it. Your yard trailer attaches to the new pin mount at the end of the hitch. Chains hook over the ears on the sides. A tow ball goes on top. You will ask yourself why every lawn tractor doesn't have one. Besides, it looks cool."

"My husband installed this on the tractor and works great. Our 30 HP Cubcadet can easily tow the trailer using the 2" inch ball we installed for it."

"The Hitching Post mounts on your standard Garden Tractor/Lawn Tractor pin hitch and allows you to mount a 2" ball hitch (must have 3/4" shank). With the ball mounted, the Hitching Post provides multiple hitch points to be used without having to constantly be changing your tractor hitch. It provides the ball hitch, a pin hitch, and a chain/rope /hook mount. They even added a rubber bumper that helps minimize the pain (and a few choice words) when you accidently bash your shin when working around your tractor. And who hasn't done that... "

"I own many different types of equipment and have seen my share of attachments and hitches In reality nothing gives you more options then reciever hitches but i have a new garden tractor and was looking for something a little different. When it arrived i was like NICE someone has come up with the ultimate hitch this can be used in so many different ways ive even added a few of these to some of my atvs this is quality construction and a great design."

"Heavy duty, solid trailer ball to mount on the back of the lawn mower. Will easily pull whatever your lawn mower/tractor can pull."

"This hitch is designed very well. I use it to haul dump trailers and to pull a harrows rake behind a Yamaha Grizzly 350. One trailer uses a ball, the other a clevis pin and both work as advertised. The hooks are also very usefull. This hitch has a bracket that stops it from rotating on the mounting point of the ATV when turning. Overall, I'm happy with the price, design and compact size. "

"I had my doubts about purchasing this, but I gave it a shot and it's the coolest. I have it on my craftsman garden tractor and it works great. I have used the slot for the hitch pin to pull my cart, I installed a 2" ball on it and pulled my boat around in the back yard, I haven't used the hook function yet but I'm sure it will handle it. It's pretty solid."

"Great product. Now I do not have to remount the ball when needed."

"Very handy addition. The good vibrations Hitchin' Post 3 way is a great addition to any medium to heavy duty lawn tractor or 4 wheeler. I use mine to transfer small utility trailers from their storage areas to the driveway. I also use a pull behind lawn mower and a ball hitch is so handy for that application. The rope / chain hooks are also handy for those times when an extra tow is needed for machines stuck in the mud or larger limbs to be pulled to an easier workstation."

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