King Pin
Quick-Connect Hitch Pin

    One-Handed Hitch & Release

    Pull The Trigger, Connect Attachments

    Automatically Locks When Trigger is Released

    No More Hassles With Clips & Pins

    Heavy-Duty Heat Treated Construction with
      Nickel Plating

    Works Great With The Hitchin’ Post™




1/2" diameter, 5 1/8" shaft length





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King Pin Reviews*

"This hitch pin is great. No more fumbling around underneath the hitch. Fits 1/2" pin hole. Easy to Use."

"Got tired of having to inset cotter key in pin... with this you only need one hand to attach and release from hitch"

"This hitch pin is wonderful. It fits perfectly and makes my job so much easier. Thanks."

"Last year I believe I spent "hours" removing a hitch pin and then replacing the hitch pin. This item is a god send for someone who gets stuck in mud constantly and has to remove the hitch pin and relocate my cart to get "unstuck". It's so easy. Don't know why I didn't get this a long time ago."

"My wife loves it!!"

"Great Product. Makes changing my tractor attachments quick and easy."

"Can’t believe you would take the time out of your Sunday to return my email, that IS TRULY CUSTOMER SERVICE!  It has been a pleasure corresponding with you and the company you represent. You can be sure my friends and neighbors will hear about this, we are all do-it-your-selfers. When you find a company that will stand behind you as well as it's products, it's easy to stand behind them. GREAT JOB.  THANK YOU.  I have never said this before but if you wish to use this in a review for your web site please feel free to do so."

"My husband has arthritis and this item makes it much easier for him work with."

"What is cool about this hitch pin is that, you don't need a cotter pin to secure it. This pin has retractable wings, or arms, that keep the pin in place. All you have to do, is squeeze the plastic trigger with your hand, and the arms will retract inward. You can then insert the pin and let go of the trigger, the arms will retract outward."

"This pin is used every day, not just in the hitch but it is removed and put back in every day based on how we are using it. We pull a manure spreader with a golf cart, love the pin, very easy to use."

"This is a very good item for older people such as myself. I use it every time I connect my lawn sweeper. No longer have to lean over and try to get a clip in."

"I purchased 2 of these 'Quick Connect Hitch Pins' and one of these I use for my DR Chipper. Great idea, and they work well. The Quick Connect Hitch Pin is so easy to use and prevents the loss of the older styled clip that holds the pin in place."



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