Spark Doctor
Spark Plug Tune-Up Tool

    Keeps Your Engine Starting Easy and
      Running Strong!

    8 Tools in One

    For All Size Spark Plugs (5/8" Socket, 3/4" 
      Socket, 13/16" Socket)

    Cleans Spark Plugs Like New (Includes Brass
      Brush, Metal File & Metal Pick)

    Perfect Calibration (Includes Gapping Tool &
      Gap Gauge)

    For All Engines & Equipment: Mowers,
      Trimmers,  Chainsaws, ATV’s, Snow Throwers,

    Every Toolbox Needs a Spark Doctor!


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Spark Doctor Reviews*

"Very useful with different size spark plugs. Have had one for several years and got this one for my son."

"It has everything I need to quickly change and clean up spark plugs. Great product for a great price. A must have for me."

"If you don't have a good tool set and you're mainly a rider and not a fixer, this gadget is handy to switch out plugs."

"Great for the garage. . I have used this many times so far, on the lawn mower, sno-blower and even at camp on my golf cart. So easy to use, no digging around in the big toolbox, trying to find the right size for each different plug. Can be carried in your pocket in case you need to change a plug while you’re riding your snowmobile or 4 wheeler."


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