Start Me Up
Full-Grip Starter Handle

    Makes Starting Your Engine EASY!

    Patented Design – Change Handles in Seconds

    Dura-Tuff™ Rope Included (88")

    Soft-Grip Handle for a Comfortable Secure Hold

    Great for Lawn Mowers, Boats, Snow Throwers,
      Pressure Washers and More!

    Available in Red or Gray




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Start Me Up Reviews*

"Nice little product that I wish I had invented.
Really does make starting my mower easier, especially if I have to start it when its already warm or fuel has been in for a long time.  Works well and should last. I went back and bought a second one to give to a neighbor."

"I purchased this because the small plastic T-shaped handle that came with my lawn mower had cracked and left a sharp edge. I was bummed and at first tried to find the exact part to replace it with after ruling out a duck-tape solution, but it was being sold for $35-$40 (crazy!). Then I found this and it was so easy to replace. This is so much nicer than the one that broke; now I get the mower to start on the first try every time and the handle is extremely comfortable. If I knew how much difference the handle makes, I would have bought this when I first purchased the mower. I can fit my entire hand on this one and before I could only fit two fingers on the T handle. If you are female and/or occasionally have trouble pulling hard enough to get your mower to start on the first try, I 100% recommend this."

"I don't typically write reviews within minutes of receiving a product, but I am so excited about this (and I don't think this is something that needs a long trial period). First, some background: I am a small, young female homeowner, and last year as a housewarming gift, my father bought me a really nice Honda lawnmower. It's one of those "EasyStart" mowers. Well, apparently it's easy for *men* to start, but not so easy for me. I've always struggled with starting it. Several times I've called my dad thinking the mower is broken, but when he comes over he can start it right up. Last week I took it to a repair shop just to make sure there wasn't something wrong with it, but it was confirmed that it was working normally. They gave me some tips on getting it started, and I've been able to get it started, but it's not easy. The last time I mowed my lawn, I got it started after about 5-6 pulls, and I was thrilled. However, I ordered this handle in hopes it would make it easier for me.  I just got it today. I ran outside and tied it onto the mower (I didn't replace the cord, although that will come in handy later on). I pulled it once - didn't start. I pulled it a second time, and it started right up. I wasn't trying very hard, so two pulls was REALLY impressive for me. This type of handle gives a lot more leverage; now I know why my snowblower was so much easier for me to start than my lawnmower. As a bonus, it's also much more comfortable to hold, and it feels solid. If you're like me and have trouble starting your mower, GET THIS."



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