Zero Gravity
Weight Absorbing Trimmer Strap

    Makes your trimmer feel 75% lighter!

    Deluxe Shoulder Pad
       Contoured For Soft Cushioned Comfort™

       Bungee Pro-X System™

    Absorbs The Weight & Relieves Body Tension

    Quick Connect

    Attaches To All Trimmers In Seconds

    Great for Leaf Blowers!






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Zero Gravity Reviews*

"Pictures do not do it justice - First I would like to say I'm a little "old school" when it comes to lawn and power tools. I find most add-on gadgets to be more of a pain than an improvement…I was pleasantly surprised with this...you can literally have it hanging from your shoulder where all you have to do is a slight swing of your arm to get a nice even trim. I have A LOT of trimming to do. In the past I would take a minimum of two to three breaks. The only time I stop when I wear this is to tend to something else; never over fatigue. It also has a what they call a "bungee cord"…I never realized how much a trimmer vibrates until I used this. Well made, extremely comfortable, easy to setup, adjust and use. Great product."

"This is a life (and arm) saver!! - Love this strap. I weed eat 11 acres and this product is a must have. The padding is very comfortable and it is so easy to just clip on/off when you need to change strings. I use an Echo straight shaft trimmer and it works perfectly...Before receiving this, I was wary of the bungee being too loose and possibly allowing the weed eater to bounce around but it had just enough give to allow you to reach forward while still absorbing most of the weight. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who weed eats for several hours at a time."

"Fantastic product - Very easy to use, extremely comfortable. I use it with my Ryobi gas-powered unit that changes parts to use a weed eater, edger and a blower. Comfortable on the shoulder, makes it feel lighter than it is. While I don't have a huge yard, 1/4 acre of grass alone makes this a very worthwhile purchase for ease of use and comfort."

"Weedslingin' Wonder!!! This Good Vibes I bought makes the whole difference in ease of operation. I can hold the trimmer close, spin it to edge and work it side to side with a body pivot when needed."

"This works great, takes all the weight off your arms and back and puts it on your shoulders. Very happy with this purchase."

"Great strap - I purchased this item to help with the cutting down on the fatigue of holding a gas weed-eater. My husband says there is a tremendous difference in using this item when he weed-eats. He says it has cut down on the strain the weed-eater would put on his shoulders vs. when he would weed-eat without it. Attaching the strap was simple and adjusting it is simple."

"The harness is great quality, it feels very comfortable and the bungee is an extra feature that adds to the versatility and flexibility of the harness, overall very happy with the purchase and weedeating is not a burden task any longer!!"

"Great product - This has made weed whacking so much easier for myself & my disabled brother. Gas whackers are so much heavier, but this strap makes it easy. Very easy to attach, not cumbersome when using it. Quite sturdy. I would definitely recommend this product."

"Came with a clip and great backsaver. My husband says it saves his back! We researched a ton of them and read all the reviews. He decided on this one because of the bungee. Clipped on his echo just fine."

"I bought this for my husband for father's day. We have a big yard and I thought that maybe it was hard on his back to have to hold his weed wacker up the whole time he was trimming our yard. He was a bit skeptical at first but after he used it again last week he told me how awesome it was."

"I put this on a 128LD Husvarna weedeater. Fits great and once adjusted it is absolutely wonderful! I'm 6'1" and it still had a little more room for adjustment. I bought two and I'm ordering two more. Keeping one and giving one to my Uncle who had shoulder surgery. I should've bought this years ago! It seems well made. This product makes weed eating easily tolerable!!"

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